Desk Research

DRB Research in Poland offers market research in terms of existing information using the Desk Research technique. It is based on the analysis of shared data from various sources, such as statistical data collation, publications, analytical reports, industry press, expert opinions and the Internet. It should be emphasized that effective cooperation with the client is a guarantee of obtaining the necessary and reliable information. The method is also relatively cheap and easy to implement – it does not require field work. The described method may be an independent research technique or it may also be a preliminary phase of the project, which is preceded by the collection of initial data.

At an early stage, DRB Research in Poland specialists analyze the source of data in terms of their credibility. The next step is to create a logical report based on them, containing a detailed summary of the given research problem. Desk research can refer to projects in both qualitative and quantitative methods. In the case of qualitative research, the analysis of secondary data allows to find new or additional research questions that have not been previously discussed, i.e. those issues that no one has ever been interested in before.

Desk research can be used in market structure analysis, competition analysis, legal regulation analysis, opportunity and threat analysis, internet community research, e.g. forums, consumer behavior research. An example of the application of desk research is the diagnosis of political moods in the studied area carried out on the occasion of election polls from existing empirical data examined from a different angle. We work with scientific communities all over Europe, thanks to which we have access to a lot of research. We cordially invite you to cooperation.

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