Desk Research

Desk research


The DRB Polish Market Research agency offers Desk Research in Poland. It involves the collection and analysis of secondary data, i.e. those that already exist. The existing (secondary) sources are processed in order to get an answer to a given problem. In the Desk Research analysis in Poland, we mainly use the following source materials: client materials (previous surveys, internal data), industry studies, industry press, statistical data, materials posted on the internet, materials collected from competitors, etc. Polish Desk Research (surveys of existing sources ) includes analysis of all data available in the public circuit (press, books, reports, archives, Internet).

Many data already exist in a dispersed form, are generated by various institutions and collected in various places. This technique is often based on searching library and Internet resources and processing them for a specific purpose. This method is also sometimes supplemented with interviews with industry experts. Conducting a Desk Research analysis in Poland requires constant monitoring of information sources. The first stage of the study is to identify the problems that we want to solve. The second step is to segregate information that are already in circulation. The third stage is the analysis of the full spectrum of information.

The final phase of the Desk Research survey in Poland is the preparation of a report containing a summary for a given research problem with an indication of the sources of data. Our team at DRB Polonia scrupulously and diligently checks the credibility of the data source being analyzed at the outset. The ability to reach this information and process does not only leads to savings, but sometimes it is the only way to obtain certain data, eg historical, unavailable in current research. Analyzes of Polish Desk Research are often used as the first research stage, aimed at recognizing the current state of knowledge on a given topic. But they can also be an independent research technique. They are irreplaceable when you need to process cross-section information.

This method does not have a specific time / phase of implementation - data acquisition and exploration usually lasts throughout the entire project implementation period. It is because the documents are often replenished on a regular basis. Secondary research brings many benefits because it provides accurate data on an interesting topic. We cordially invite you to cooperate with DRB Research. Thanks to our research methods, we will solve every problem.