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DRB Research offers market structure research. DRB Research in Poland is an innovative agency with proven research, analytical and programming resources. For years, we have been successfully dealing with the issue of practical application of market research methodology in business. We are an interdisciplinary research team composed of experienced researchers and analysts, statisticians and managers – we also have many years of scientific and business experience that allow us to effectively include data analysis methods in commercial and R & D projects. Nowadays, opening up a business is not even the slightest problem. On the other hand, it is a huge challenge to convince the group of consumers.

Therefore, companies planning to enter on a new market with an innovative product or service should carry out a market analysis and analyze its structure. Market structure research is a great tool to support strategic business decisions. They rely on obtaining information from many reliable sources, which are then processed based on the following elements: market size, distribution methods, recognition of key entrepreneurs in the industry, promotion strategy, market prices, risk and success factors, entry and exit barriers, trends and forecasts market.

Market research gives the opportunity to check whether a given business has any chance to enter the market. On the other hand, analysis of the market structure helps to find out how many competitors are in a given area. Specialists from the company DRB research in Poland propose research based on the processing of data from the relevant sources, and then, their accurate statement. The most important cognitive issue is determining the main competitors and market shares of their products. It is also important to identify factors that determine success or threats that may have an impact on your business.

Distribution channels and prices are related to each other aspects, that mutual arrangement of which determines the market success of the company. In addition, we also carry out the analysis of competition, that is the study of entities operating on a given market in terms of number, location, prices, distribution channels, marketing strategies and assortment. We cordially invite you to take advantage of our services. We offer reliability and one hundred percent satisfaction from the received research results.

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