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DRB Research in Poland offers market research for the area of ​​Marketing and PR agencies. We support consulting, advertising and PR agencies in recommendations for clients, in providing information about users and consumption habits. We also test advertising creations and concepts. Thanks to the obtained research results, agencies are able to build better offers, win more marketing campaigns and support their clients more effectively. Gathering information that are necessary to make accurate and important decisions can overwhelm the capabilities of the marketing or PR department of the company.

DRB Research in Poland addresses the needs of additional information by offering professional marketing research, market analysis and business interviews. We estimate the value of the company’s assets and we are also looking for new markets sales to establish a company with a foreign enterprise common.

The marketing research areas of the market are:
– the product, its elements, substitutes and complementary goods and threats from new, better quality or cheaper ones products
– the client, his current preferences and their changes,
– competitors, their activity and the degree of risk for the company,
– promotion policy, its optimal instruments and their practical effectiveness.

We analyze consumer opinion on physicochemical properties of the product, its name, size and color of packaging, conditions warranty and post-warranty service and, above all, the price the customer would be willing to pay for the product being tested. The second area of ​​these studies and analyzes is the client’s behaviors, habits and preferences. This type of research concerns the sphere of buyers’ needs in order to forecast changes in the demand for data good (service) or a group of related goods.

The constant observation of the company’s standing on the market, which can be excellent, is essential for the company supported by independent, objective marketing research. DRB Research in Poland also offers support to PR departments or agencies, including e-PR, corporate or product PR. Our company has tools to support the entire communication process and its individual elements taking into account the specificity of work in a given industry.

Let`s talk about market research for the area of Marketing and PR agencies

DRB Market Research in Poland and Europe
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