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Online research quality

In the Western Europe countries, many securities are used to effectively exclude professional panellists either from multiple or unreliable questionnaire filling. DRB Research has implemented many standards which allow us to keep our reserach under control.


In our company, we use the full range of possibilities to control the quality of data sets.
Worth mentioning are definately geographic and demographic questions, which still exist in the central database of the research panel however by adding them we are even better able to controll and exclude professional respondents. They are used in order to check the answers on an ongoing basis in terms of the information stored in their personal profile when completing the survey by the respondent. Additionally, we use periodic tests of active panellists by inviting them to
participate in a survey to check the credibility of the skills, features or preferences provided. Thanks to this method, we effectively remove from the database respondents who are unable to solve simple personal tests that match their declared skills.


An extremely simple and very effective method of controlling the quality level of cases and the involvement of a panelist is the global measurement of the length of the completed questionnaire and the measurement of the time of individual questions. For example, estimating the LOi at the average level of 15 minutes, questionnaires shorter than 10 minutes raise our doubts and are removed. An unreliable panellist does not receive neither any point nor renumaration for an interview, but instead receives a warning about unreliable participation in the study, which is a standard practice used in Polish research panels.


In order to exclude professional panelists, we use consolidated blockades of a unique machine (computer) number and IP network number. By implementing these two options at once, we can be sure that our projects involve only unique panelists. The double uniqueness verification method is impassable, even for advanced computer users trying to change the IP number.


in order to eliminate illogical cases, we use randomly scattered trap questions
in the questionnaire, verifying the state of concentration of the respondents during the completed questionnaire.
The most common trap questions we use are:
– simple math tests
– question about the day of the week
– question about the calendar day


In our company, we have our own telephone studio located in Poland Bełchatów,
thanks to which we contact panelists to update data, check demographic variables,
destinations and all other profile information provided during account activation.
All our CATI consultants have higher education and speak at least two languages.

We focus on implementing global standards
which keep improving the HIGH quality of empirical data.
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