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Poland compared to other countries in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

It all started in the city of Wuhan, China, where the pandemic is now virtually completely under control. On the other hand, the situation in Poland is deteriorating. The number of people suffering from Covid-19 continues to increase. Daily test summaries give about 30% positive results. The lockdown introduced from March 27, 2021, is to improve the current situation in the country. But will it help?

This is not known, Poles have doubts as to whether the introduced restrictions are effective.

According to a study conducted by United Surveys for RMF FM and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”: 50% of respondents indicated that the actions currently carried out by the government have no chance to limit the development of the pandemic in Poland. However, they believe that regional lockdowns are a very good solution.

According to the IBRiS survey commissioned by “Rzeczpospolita”, over 77%. of the respondents believe that the government should ease restrictions where there is the least infection, and introduce it in a place where there is the most of them. The vast majority, 41.1%, of the respondents is certain that this is a good strategy. 8.8% of the respondents strongly opposed this solution.

According to the Bloomberg ranking, Poland is not able to cope with the course of the pandemic at all, it is ranked 50 out of 53 countries in terms of introducing restrictions and the number of vaccinations. New Zealand, Singapore and Australia are in the highest positions. Public health specialists emphasize that these successes result from a consistently implemented and followed strategy.

The number of infections in other countries is falling, but it is growing in Poland. Mandatory face masks were introduced, restaurants, schools and all cultural and recreational institutions were closed.

 How it’s possible?

This is due to, among other things, chaotic “last minute” exacerbations, such as the sudden closure of cemeteries on All Saints’ Day from October 31 to November 2, announced at 4pm the day before the restriction was introduced.

According to virologists, the attitude of citizens is also responsible for this, i.e. the wrong way of putting on and wearing masks, meetings in a larger group, not keeping the appropriate distance in shops, etc., and opening certain types of industries despite bans.

What about vaccinations?

We know that Poland cannot cope with vaccinations. This is because vaccines are simply scarce. So far (data as of March 28, 2021) only 6.7% of the country’s population has been vaccinated. For comparison, in the USA it is nearly 20%, and in Israel 54%. society.

It is impossible to say what will really be the “cure” for the pandemic … Lockdown, or maybe more vaccinations?

We hope that after the current government actions we will be placed higher in Bloomberg’s ranking and that the situation in the country will keep getting better.

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