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CATI surveys during COVID19

Considering the current situation in Poland and in the world, CATI surveys is becoming extremely popular and safe by conducting it remotely. We do not have any direct contact with the respondents and this fact makes that CATI interviewers kept their jobs. The CATI test method allows reaching people from all over the world. We coordinate, collect and control research material on the same tools, according to unchanged procedures, so the implementation of CATI projects is not threatened by technical and organizational issues. The CATI method focuses on a very high quality. It is impossible to incorrectly complete the survey, because the interviewer controls the process of the entire interview. Due to the threat of SARS-CoV-2, we are able to continue our work with the highest quality, react quickly and try to adapt our activities to the dynamically changing situation.

What is the CATI survey?

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) – a method of collecting information in quantitative market and public opinion research. CATI research is one of the most popular quantitative research techniques, carried out by the method of telephone interview conducted by a specialized interviewer with a respondent. How is the CATI survey conducted? In order to have it well prepared we use specially prepared computer script. An automated questionnaire allows the interviewer to follow all questions during a telephone conversation. 

The system used during the CATI method gives many possibilities to control the interviews and use information about the respondent in order to tailor the questions right way. A correctly tailored survey questionnaire automatically rejects incorrect or illogical answers that may have received an error. Unlike traditional spreadsheets, this is a huge advantage, because you can eliminate mistakes which minimize the risk of ineffective surveys. 


The first advantage of this type of research is conducting the interview at a time convenient for the respondent. Next, it is crucial to guarantee a much shorter time of CATI research than in the case of the traditional (paper), PAPI or CAPI method. The need to distribute and receive paper questionnaires during field research undoubtedly extends the process of re-implementation of research. When conducting a CATI survey, the collection of research material as well as the generation of a database enables immediate generation without the manual coding step. A positive aspect of CATI research is the interviewer’s use of computer software supervising the process of completing the questionnaire. There is possibility of omitting questions or providing incomplete answers in closed questions. Another advantage of this survey is the ability to maintain high standards of interviewers’ work control, which increases the reliability and quality of work performed. The CATI method is attractive in terms of low costs. The electronic form of conducting research is also important, as opposed to traditional paper surveys, which have a negative impact on our environmen.

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