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Top Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is one of the most dynamically developing in the world. It is trendy to be fit. The beneficiaries of this trend are not only people leading a healthy lifestyle, but also enterprises operating in this sector. Currently, 62.2 million people attend European fitness clubs which is 3.5 percent more than in the previous year. The clubs generated revenues of EUR 27.2 billion in 2018.

According to the sixth edition of the report ‘The European Health & Fitness Market 2019’, prepared by the consulting company Deloitte in cooperation with the EuropeActive organization, the Polish fitness services market will still continue to develop in the upcoming years. Nearly 3 million Poles attend clubs at the end of last year, which represents 8% of the whole population in Poland. This business has a lot of potential. The demand for personal trainers is growing – currently it is a person who helps people change their lifestyles – by Newseria Biznes information agency.

The profession of personal trainer and online personal trainer is a response to one of the major civilization problems of the modern world, such as permanent lack of time, stress and solicitation, and on the other hand – obesity and overweight, which have become an epidemic of the 21st century. According to WHO data, the problem of obesity affects about 400 million, and overweight – over 1.6 billion people worldwide. In contrast, in Poland – according to the National Health Fund statistics – 25% of adult men and 23% of women are obese. In the case of overweight, the statistics are much higher – 68% of Poles and 53% of Poles have excessive body mass.


The average household budget for sport and recreation is PLN 458, which means that over four years, spending on sports and recreation has increased by PLN 40. The largest increase in expenses concerned the purchase of sportswear, and the smallest purchase, maintenance and rental of sports equipment. The increase in interest in bicycles compared to the previous year is over 80 percent, says Rafał Gębara, director of cycling sports at Decathlon Polska. According to PIE, budget expenditure on sport and recreation places Poland in the 8th position in the Union. “We publish, among others more than Belgians, Finns or Danes, but less than the French, Germans or Italians. ” of the report “Polish sports market. Challenges – socio-economic impact – trends. ” XXX Undoubtedly, sport has a positive impact on our health, well-being and appearance, but these are not the only pros of physical activity, so we should make us want to live every day to the fullest.

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