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A year has passed since the start of the pandemic, it is a great challenge not only for adults but mainly for children. The entire educational environment, which had to adapt to the new working conditions, faced new tasks. The main problem was the reorganization of school work into distance learning. Some problems were insurmountable, lessons took place on various programs that were adopted by the educational institution. The most used programs are Zoom, Teams and Librus. However, on the very first day of distance learning there were difficulties with overloading servers all over Poland.

However, one of the biggest problems with online learning was the lack of internet access and equipment. Too few computers or lessons for several children taking place at the same time were a very big problem.

At the moment, the situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic in Poland is associated with an increased risk of adaptive and emotional disorders in children, such as depression, anxiety disorders, stress and even PTSD.

The data collected by the survey method by specialists from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw say:

  • Symptoms of psychopathology are present in 46% of children

  • Coronavirus outbreak stress increased by 75%

  • Pressure related to distance learning (timely execution of tasks) as much as 70%

  • Among children aged 7-12, the time of using the Internet increased by as much as 57%

  • In the period of isolation related to the epidemic, younger children feel insecure,  scared and fearful.

  • Children experience sleep disturbances, nightmares, decreased appetite, agitation and inattention

  • 38% of respondents state that they experience depressive symptoms

The epidemic effectively prevents children and teenagers from spending time together. Remote communication is not a substitute for face-to-face meetings, which does not lead to anything good – parents are not able to replace their peers, no matter how hard they tried.

Although the pandemic surprised us all and contributed to many negative effects, it nevertheless developed independence and maturity in children. It is comforting that the present times have prompted us to change our lifestyle, focus more on children and appreciate our health.

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