Online Surveys

Online surveys are one of the most common forms of data collection. Web surveys involve collecting data using modern methods of remote telecommunication using a computer, phone, and tablet.

We recommend online surveys for b2b and b2c surveys.

Thanks to the possibility of defining the profile of a given person, we are able to adjust the survey to the appropriate target group that meets specific conditions.

We have access to 72 million panelists globally around the world. 17 million in Europe and one million panelists in Poland.

We are ISO 27001 certified and members of ESOMAR.

We deliver the best quality and additional advantages such as:

  • time measurement of a single interview
  • We use control (screening) questions
  • single IP
  • detection of low quality answers
  • analysis of the data set (additionally)
  • report preparation (additionally)

Using online surveys allows you to collect high quality data to make important business and strategic decisions.

A survey conducted using the CAWI method makes it possible to reach the group of people we are most interested in. This allows us, for example, to learn about the opinions on our product, to see how panelists react to a specific advertising spot or to gauge interest in a given product among a specific group of people.

The number of seniors using survey panels has grown strongly over the years. As a result, we are able to survey people who are representative of this age group.

With a large number of profiling variables, we are able to target people with a specific respondent profile.

We can survey people with specific beliefs, political views, purchasing decisions and wealth.

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