Online panel in Estonia

DRB market research agency offers online panel in Estonia – collecting online interviews using a group selected research participants (online research). We do representative projects in Estonia as well research with a difficult target group. We have 28 232 panelists in Estonia who are targeted by 108 profile variables.

  • Country
  • Voivodeship
  • Coutry place
  • City
  • ZIP code
  • Size of town
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Education
  • Position
  • Revenues
  • Social status
  • number of people
  • childrens
  • Marital status
  • Pets
  • breeding inventory
  • Purchase plans
  • Level of education
  • Direction
  • Start date
  • end date
  • Further pland
  • Choosing a university
  • Net income
  • Financial products
  • Bank account
  • Investments
  • Deposits and bonds
  • Exchange
  • Number of cars
  • Car brand
  • Car production date
  • Date of car purchase
  • Body Type
  • Purchase plans
  • Position
  • trade
  • number of employees
  • Employment Type
  • earnings
  • expansion abroad
  • diagnosed diseases
  • chronic diseases
  • family health
  • private medical care
  • Allergies
  • Glasses / hearing 
  • Expecting a baby
  • children’s profile
  • Modified milk
  • sensitization
  • products used
  • Protein flaw
  • Purchase decision
  • Products owned
  • Product brands
  • Purchase plans
  • Planned budget
  • Home Connect 
  • Owned brand
  • Type of subscription
  • Operator
  • Functionalities used
  • Operating system
  • Planned purchases
  • Device selection
  • Game genres
  • Shopping for games
  • Online games
  • Time spent
  • Purchase plans
  • Drinks consumed
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Use of fast-foods
  • nutrition style
  • store selection
  • purchasing decision
  • Time spent
  • Fav. TV channels
  • Fav. newspapers
  • Fav. radio stations
  • Internet portals
  • Social media
  • Interests
  • Playing sports
  • Music genres
  • Movie genres
  • Places of Culture
  • Gambling
  • Travel Destinations
  • Types of travel
  • Frequency of travels
  • Selected hotels
  • Selected airlines
  • Plans for next year
  • Frequency
  • Types of products
  • Cigarette brands
  • quitting smoking
  • Replacement prod.
  • budget spent
  • web-cam research
  • long-term research
  • Application tests
  • Product Tests
  • In-depth research
  • Other, niche

We are online research professionals with global experience for clients such as Kaspersky, Bosch, Beko, Orange and many universities around the world. We offer a very rich profiling of respondents and the ability to track the results live. our online panel will make the N1000 for you even in 7 hours. Our team consists of qualified researchers and analysts who have extensive experience in the quantitative research method. We implement a scientific approach to marketing research. We also have our own CATI studio in the center of Poland, which supports us in the case of “narrower target groups”.

Projects in Estonia
0 h
Express realisation
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Male 43.2%
Female 56.8%
Response Rate 43.5%
Badania CAWIBadania CAWI

  • Quality standards↴
  • Single IP access
  • Control questions
  • LOi measurement
  • Detection and deletion of low-quality surveys
  • We are ISO 27001 certified
  • We comply with the ESOMAR code

Estonia Placeholder
Male 43.2%
Female 56.8%
Response Rate 43.5%

Online panel in Estonia is a technique that develops quickly. It is thanks to the rapid technological progress as well as an increasing percentage of people who have access to the Internet. In Estonia, this percentage is 95% (data from 2017). The advantage of CAWI online panel in Estonia is the convenience, time and pace of completing the survey in the respondent’s natural environment. The respondent has more control over the filling out process, does not have contact with the interviewer and willingly gives honest answers. It is due to the sense of anonymity in the network. Online research in Estonia works very well for all topics, even those sensitive. Recruitment process is very fast, possible via e-mail or text message with the target of respondents registered in our our CAWI panel Estonia. We are able gather the target group the next day from the start of the realisation.

We will happy to help you reach any respondents in Estonia with your survey.

Online panel in Estonia is a technique that develops quickly. It is thanks to the rapid technological progress as well as an increasing percentage of people who have access to the Internet. In ESTONIA, this percentage is 95% (data from 2017). 
We will happy to help you reach any respondents in ESTONIA with your survey. 


We are members of:
we have ISO 27001 Certificate.Estonia


We are consolidating 72 million panellists around the world who are registered and receive remuneration via the PayU system. The advantage of online panel research is the free time and pace of filling in the questionnaires in the natural environment of the respondents. In the case of an online survey, the respondent has control over the questionnaire tool, he has no contact with the interviewer, so he feels comfortable and more willing to admit what it would be difficult to admit in a contact survey. In our company you will find an interdisciplinary team of researchers, analysts, statisticians and scientists.

It is often a few euros for an interview. The exact cost is determined by the parameters:

– Number of participants surveyed
– Length of a single interview (LOi)
– The incidence rate (IR)

We pay special attention to it using the following options:

– Single IP access and trap questions
– LOi control and detection of questionnaires of low quality
– You can find more detailed information here.

The duration of the project varies from several hours to several days. The time band depends mainly on the incidence rate of “IR” (Incidente Rate) in the general population. When doing a research project on a representative sample, the IR is 100%, so the data collection may take up to 7h. The second example is the survey of more difficult target groups, e.g. women in uniformed services, in the case of deeper profiling of the population of uniformed services, the IR is 16% – The cover may take up to 3 days.

By doing CAWI research, you gain access to 72 million panelists around the world. Together with a dedicated Project Manager, we will profile the target of respondents based on 108 basic variables and several thousand detailed variables. In the case of CAWI research, we can add multimedia files such as Audio / Video / Photos and send respondents to selected landing pages. Overall, online research dominates other quantitative techniques in the fields of budget, implementation, multimedia and high quality.

Our clients use this for multi-wave research.
Thanks to the unique ID of each of our respondents,
we can return to him at any time with additional questions or with a whole new survey.


There is a PII collection option,
e.g. for recruiting selected respondents for in-depth research, such as Focus Groups or IDI
Collect PII is an additional paid service.

We use interlock quotas most often in social surveys where clients ask us to keep the general population representative.
We suggest creating Interlock quotas based on Eurostat.
Thanks to this, we will get 95% confidence interval

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