Market Access

Market access


The DRB Polish Market Research agency offers modern solutions thanks to Market access in Poland. Thanks to qualitative research, we focus on a more inquisitive, more accurate, deeper analysis of a given product. We use qualitative research to obtain up-to-date information in order to better understand the analyzed aspect. We are aiming to examine a number of factors that have a direct impact on whether a given product will succeed. We gain knowledge about all the opportunities and threats that affect the demand for a given product.

This information is based on a wide range of various sources. Qualitative research in the Market Access method in Poland is based on such areas that often go beyond the analysis of demand for a given product. We specify such factors that are subject to the research method as the assessment of legal regulations, refund auctions, public procurement procedures, tax exemptions, legal regulations both current and future. The key element in the Polish market access method are interviews with important decision makers.

In this way we gain access to unusual data, which allows us to look at the analyzed issue from a different angle and different perspective. An interviewer does not limit opinions or information in any way, because he cannot decide in advance what the answer is going to be. Mainly this type of research is directed to the pharmaceutical industry, where we penetrate in detail how the new product will be on the market. Usually, reimbursed drugs are subject to this assessment.

An example of our service is, for example, substantive support consultancy in the scope of substantive proceedings which involves cooperation with stakeholders as well as designing and implementing solutions in terms of accessibility and financing. Consulting in substantive proceedings is also important to prepare specific strategies, e.g. reimbursement in the final stage.