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Maintaining hygiene standards

These days cause many changes in the lives of Poles. The Covid-19 pandemic surprised everyone and forced us to adapt to new conditions. Almost overnight, most companies have been subjected to a severe test. Hopefully,  the current situation does not mean stagnation in the market research and opinion industry, which sometimes are the basis for making key decisions in companies and institutions. Since the beginning of the crisis, all team members have been involved in the process of implementation new changes and due to that we can partly enjoy returning to our research studio. To minimize the impact of Covid-19, the DRB monitors new guidelines on the WHO website and on the websites of the Polish government to implement specific hygiene and safety precautions. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the steps we have already taken in this direction.

Keeping the surface clean and sterile is a rule by which the spread of coronavirus can be limited. The touch surfaces are regularly washed and disinfected by water with a detergent and then with a disinfectant. Our CATI studio consists of 20 work stations and we have to maintain the desired distance between each site.

During the pandemic, the number of employees was also slightly reduced. Some people have the opportunity to work remotely, some come to our Studio CATI. Thanks to this, you can maintain a safe distance, which also gives employees a feeling of comfort. 


We provide:

  • Information on how to wash your hands thoroughly
  • hand cleansers: soaps or alcohol-based agents (min. 60%).
  • hand disinfectants, paper towels, handkerchiefs in every room.

    The number of cases during a coronavirus pandemic is increasing worldwide, including Poland. Ensuring maximum safety for all employees has become the employer’s priority. Employees, on the other hand, are required to cooperate with the employer as part of implementing activities that are intended to protect the life and health of other team members as these are the only ways to fight the spread of threat.
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