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Holiday Plans of Poles

It seems that the coronavirus epidemic definitely discouraged Poles from traveling. A lot of people have already made up their mind and say they plan to stay home during the holidays. What about the rest? Where do Poles plan to go? Hardly anyone is preparing for foreign trips this year. 45 percent of us do not know whether we go somewhere in the summer. About 30 percent are planning a holiday trip despite the situation. 30 percent vacationers ready to rest declare that they will spend their upcoming holidays in national resorts. Only 8% are preparing for foreign voyages. The results of the Quality Watch research for BIG InfoMonitor, using the CAWI method on an online panel on a sample of 1076 adult residents of Poland, show that every third Pole lost part of his earnings due to coronavirus, and every twentieth was completely deprived of income. We approach all expenses more wisely. If we don’t have savings and our current income is insufficient, we are looking for other solutions. But we do not reach for more loans and borrowings. Even if we decide to spend money on vacation, we will still look for appropriate savings during it. Every third respondent admits that during the upcoming holidays he will give up some of the attractions. Only 8 percent  is willing to spend more than usual to compensate themselve for the pandemic. Every twelfth counts that holiday expenses will help to finance a government aid in the form of a tourist voucher worth PLN 500 for each child.

Opening borders

When it comes to opening borders since June 1st most countries do not require a 14-day quarantine after arriving from abroad. It is already clear what security measures are to be respected in hotels or restaurants. Each country has a slightly different approach to the pandemic, which may also discourage people from traveling outside Poland – where at least we know well what regulations are in force and how to comply with them. It is also very likely that many of us were discouraged from traveling, having to change our plans because of COVID-19. Many people are still waiting for refunds for airline tickets, or explain with travel agencies the issue of possible compensation for canceled trips. So it seems that as long as the epidemic does not calm down, we will remain distrustful and if we travel – it will be to family, friends or on our own plots. Fashion times for “” all inclusive “” have passed so far. Flights from Poland on European routes, according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Poland, have been operating since 16 June. In short, at a stressful time of the epidemic, most people simply do not want to think about organizing demanding trips. We prefer a vacation on a plot, family visit or sightseeing on the Baltic beaches than foreign trips Despite the current situation, we wish you a pleasant and sunny vacation – DRB Market Research Team

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